First Week. Day One

The Plan:

  • Make ahead breakfast: double batch waffles
  • Cardio: Stair work out
  • Focus Kata: Naihanchi Sandan
  • Study History Decks
  • Monday Class

Made the waffles on Sunday to have them ready for breakfast today. I usually make them as we need them but I’m going to be doing more make-ahead things to free up my morning for training.

Made it to stairs! Usually Bob drives so all I have to do is get dressed and fall into the car. But he was out of town so I had to … gasp… drive myself there.

Focus Kata: Naihanchi Sandan. Working to improve recall. Did the kata anytime I thought of it today. ~ 10 times I think. As soon as Sam showed me the kata, I remembered it.

History Decks: Vocabulary & History

Class: Made it! New adult student too!! Basics. Worked on tension in my legs and relaxing arms.

How am I feeling?

Sore! Exhausted! Fighting the its-not-enough panic. Breathing through it.

Random thoughts:

At the last tournament two very high ranking black belts gave me the following advice. This is not word for word…

  • It is your job to educate your audience as to what you are doing. Be sure you communicate that information.
  • Recoil as fast as you fire.

One of them also mentioned that he would like to be at my shodan test. When I said that I’d be honored he replied “Oh, you won’t like it,” with a grin. O.O He also advised me to know my history.

Knuckle pushups: hate ’em. Should practice ’em anyhoo. Cuz if I don’t, they’ll ask.

Kobudo: (or weapons) Don’t hate it but same reason as above I should practice it too.

Should have name this site “Panic Among the Pines” ; )

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