Pushing Through the Fog

Stairs!Stairs (pictured). And class. Both went well. That is to say. I went to both. 😉 My day between was crazy busy with moving paintings from one exhibit to another. Thankfully that only happens once a quarter!

During class we worked on basics. Advise from Sensei was to begin making the karate moves my own. (move less roboticly more fluidly) Less like I’m copying a move, etc. Tried playing with tension in my legs and lower body between repeats. Not sure if it got me anything other than sore lets. LOL!

Also, worked with an adult white belt one-on-one at the end of class and I came to a realization. Her off square shoulders were largely symptom of improper foot placement. Having her work on her foot placement had better results than reminding her to square her shoulders. How many times has a Sensei reminded me of the importance of foot placement?!! Yeah. Lots.

I am not nearly as tired as I was last week. But as I sit here on Tuesday to write this I am fighting the urge to sit. And stare. But this is part of it. Isn’t it. Pushing past the urge to stop. The discipline to keep going.

Think I’ll work on Ananku after helping DD with math.

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