Plan vs Reality

MatildaWednesday Plan:

  • strength training stability ball: core
  • Cardio: 30 min jogging
  • Skills: ananku; loose hand punching bag

vs Reality:

That’s a picture of me on the right. Doing. Nothing karate related. Gonna have to do something different on Wednesdays.

Thursday went as planned: 30 min bike ride, Ananku, knuckle pushups as best I could. Class was challenging mentally. Worked on knife hand strikes doing them a little differently. It had me feeling all thumbs and no clue. But in a good way. If that makes any kind of sense. IOW, I knew I was being challenged and was calm enough (just) to realize that is good. 😉

Friday was busy with other life things. But at least I had planned not to get any karate done. O.o

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