Train Wreck

shadow ninjaor how my weekend didn’t go.

I had plans for workouts over the weekend but for the most part they didn’t happen.

Did ride down Bear Creek with DD and while she looked for critters in the creek I did katas on the rocks. That was interesting.

Monday I made it to stairs in the morning and class in the evening. During class we played with a self defense idea I saw in a video. Seems pretty simple and doable but I need to practice it more.

At the end of class, we katas back to back as high as I could remember. I have been working on that once a week and it definitely helped. Must keep up with it.

Gonna keep rolling with  the week. Need a shirt (or coffee mug) that says… “life is what happens while you’re training for shodan” 😉 Fingers crossed no more appliances or vehicles will malfunction!

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