Finding Motivation and Inspiration

Just outside t he MRI room

… when life throws you a bunch of monkey wrenches.

Last week was a bit crazy. FULL of bad and good events. Biggest bad: my mother had a stroke. Biggest good: I was commissioned to create 4 pastel portraits. The in-betweens: the passenger-side window motor actuator died, my hair dryer croaked and I broke my daughter’s computer. O.o

Now, the van is fixed, computer parts ordered and someday I’lll get a new hair dryer. Mom is improving. Life goes on right. But it all left me feeling insufficient and unmotivated.

What did I do: Thanks to my daughter’s instance, the usual tri-weekly bike rides continued. Sam was testing so I was helping him with his fighting drills. My WDHAKISA (wonderful darling husband and knight in shining armor) helped me in more ways than I can explain. So I did make it to the weekly stairs run and practiced Rohai.

This morning I found direction and inspiration from this post by Wil Wheaton: Seven Things I Did to Reboot my Life. Nothing new necessarily. Just pointing out connections. That I need to be reading and watching karate like I do art. For inspiration.

Today’s plan: All katas once with 5 push-ups in between (up to p. Godan including Oyotanren with DD) naihanchi’s, wankan, rohai, wanshu and passai (with DS),  and class tonight. Read some in the karate book I borrowed.

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