A New Wrench

Because I needed more monkey wrenches.

Thursday morning hit hard and had us in the ER early. Thankfully it was nothing serious. Still left me feeling wrung out mentally and physically. But thankful still.

Missed the morning ride with DD but did get myself to class. Because I knew it would be the only practice I was going to get in that day (or the next) Even taught the beginning class which went fairly well I think. Had them work on Fighting drills and cat stances. That second item at a student’s request. Alternating between the two. Sensei came in at the end and talked with them about not just doing the drills but using them. Meaning them as you execute them. It made a big difference in their performance.

The adult class I worked again with our newest adult student. We played with ways to help her remember the directions the first kata takes. Sure hope she is getting something out of it (pretty sure she is) because I know I am.

One thing that occurred to me during that time is that  in the first kata… the direction you should go at each turn finds the leg that needs to lead the closest to its destination. Of course the wrong direction puts the wrong leg closest… so perhaps it is not such an earth shattering revelation. But I do believe playing with it in this way is helpful in the long run.

Now I’m going to go listen to an Iain Abernethy podcast while doing dishes. That counts, right? 😀

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