I. Am. Sore.

A.K.A. First Week. Day Two. Stairs are not my friend

The Plan

      • Cardio: C10K; 30min bike
      • Strength Training: Ball Core: 2? sets:
        1. vpass 10r
        2. roll out 10r
        3. single leg press 12r
        4. plank shoulder taps 26r
      • Skills
        1. Naihanchi Sandan bunkai
        2. Class

What I actually did:

Alarm clock didn’t go off so I didn’t get to the gym. Which meant breakfast did not go as planned too. Fell back on the waffles. ūüėČ Enjoyed the 30 minute bike ride with J but had to go back for my front tire (left it in the parking lot. Doh!)

Only one set with the stability ball. Need to change the reps on vpass and roll out. Down on the first and up on the second. Didn’t get to naihanchi bunkai but I did get to class.

Class was intense. I am gonna hurt (more) tomorrow. Picked up a couple training ideas that work on control: 1. in jigotai round house kick turning round to spinning back hook kick (sounds great but doing it great is another matter. O.o ). 2. bag work: loose hand punches working on speed and extension.