This Wrench I chose

Porcupine arm
Next day. Both arms like this.

I can’t complain too much. Walked in there voluntarily but I certainly wasn’t prepared. Allergy testing. Harsh.

Shoulda planned the whole week off to recover. Okay. Maybe not the WHOLE week but at least not going to class that night. Wow. With luck this will get me closer to figuring out some health issues. Eventually. For now, no dairy or aged foods. 😦

Anyway. Why am I here? Oh yeah. Karate.

What DID I do this week karate-wise. Monday class, Tuesday 30 min AM ride, Thursday AM same ride, plus classes. Thursday classes had some awesome stretching I did with each class.

Today: Jog Week 2 Day 3 C5K plan followed closely by every kata up to Wanshu (not sure why I didn’t continue to Rohai) then similar stretching plan to Thursday’s. Boy did I feel stiff! I guess is was the jogging.

Tomorrow…? Thinking 3 7-minute circuits; all katas (video for self analysis) Plan the week!

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