Could it be an Arrow?

or is it just another wrench?

Strained something in my right foot while jogging today.  My first thought… oh goody another wrench! But I just saw a quote about an arrow needing to be pulled back before it can fly forward. So maybe… all these “wrenches” are really arrows. 😉

Tuesday’s workout:

  • Katas and pushups with the kids
  • jog 1:30 and walk 3:30 10x with a walking warm up and cool down.
  • Tuesday class worked bo katas and I learned a couple things about shushinokon! I’d been performing two different blocks the same way and doing one turn wrong.


  • katas and stretching with the kids
  • Class: It was a mental beating! But learned a few things about Pinan Shodan. If I can remember those it will be worth it!

Tomorrow…? we’ll see if my foot will agree to stairs in the morning. Fingers crossed. Think arrow-y thoughts!!

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