What to do when you can’t DO

Couldn’t do karate in the allergist’s waiting room so I read it. 😉

Wednesday. Did a little slow no pause kata work with DD. Pinan Shodan. Working on those new things I learned Monday.

My foot was sharply painful and frequent ice packs seemed to help so the rest of my “training” didn’t utilize my feet… situps, knee pushups and reading. No, no stair workout.

I watched this video on the reality of attacks. Interesting stuff. The self defense drill demonstrated is very like what we’ve done in class for a lapel grab. This guy is also an EMT nurse. His experience in dealing with the effects of an attack was helpful to know. Will likely watch again.

Today (Thursday) foot is painful in general and less sharp pain. I think this is good. ? Might try a jog later. Maybe.

One last thing… That video above was found on this week’s edition of  Practical Karate Weekly. Just started following it. Haven’t read the other articles it links to yet.

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