Learn how… then right

I’m sensing a theme in my karate practice: Learn how to do it, then learn how to do it right. I’ve spent 5 years learning to do karate and now I’m prolly gonna spend the next 30 learning to do it right. O.o Or at least I hope to spend that long, eh? 😉

Warning… rambles ahead.

In Tuesday’s class we practiced the open-closed fist drill either moving (with opponent who worked on blocking) or against the heavy bag. Realized that I’ve been doing the elbow smash all wrong ALL this time. So worked that with the bag and holey-moley can I feel the difference this morning. My shoulders are shot!

Monday’s class was interesting. 5 of us. First person picked a kata, did it. Then everyone else individually did that kata. Quick critique at the end of the round. Repeat with each person leading in turn.

Why am I still so nervous when everyone is watching me do kata?!!! Gah!

Really getting frustrated with my aerobic plan. Well, more with how my old body has to say about it. Whatever I did to my foot last week, I redid yesterday. Poop. I can’t do nothing ‘cuz that causes just as many problems (and pain). Soooo…. Gonna have to do something other than jog for a while I think. Mebbe stationary bike or row machine at the gym. I’d swim but there’s the whole suit issue… erm… issues. I’ll find the time to make one… eventually.

New Karate Weekly is out. Found this video on it. Interesting to think of a low block as a throw. And this video of Jion Bunkai looks interesting too. We’ve talked about the low block as throw concept in class before too. And I’d rather throw with it than block a kick with it!! Tried once… fractured a finger. Think I’ll work with Sam on what those two videos demonstrate. Then do some easy kata repeats to workout yesterday’s kinks.

Oh. And I need one of the tshirts that Mr. Abernethy is wearing. 😉 “Ask me about my bruises” Hehe.

Today’s another allergy shot so I will read more of the KfD book while I’m there.



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