Still. Not still.

IMG_1553Still training. Not sitting still. Last week went really well with aerobic and strength training. Now that the big portrait commission is done (whew!) I can refocus on training for the test in April.

Sun, Tues & Thurs last week I ran at the gym. About an hour each time but alternating jog & walk according to the 10k training app. I’m to the half-n-half point and starting to feel it in my lungs. Mon, Wed & Fri at the gym again but doing strength training.

Mon was the only karate class I made it to. We worked on cat stances and “little” things that make you hugely sore the next day. Chose to go to the gym on Tues. Felt like I wasn’t going to be able leave my crappy mood outside the dojo so I ran it out on the indoor track. I know I can’t do that often but it sure did help.

No aha! moments to report. Am feeling a growing sense of anxiety as the test date gets closer. Only remedy I know of is… more training. 😉



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