Any Way

How to you train through the  holidays? Any way. You. Can. 😉 When your body wants to fall apart? Same.


The good: foot is better. The bad: back is taking a turn now. Missed Monday’s workout because of it. Ran Tues anyway. Ran stairs and did strength training at the gym Wednesday. Pic is from the top of garagezilla downtown. We even got a smidge of snow.

Any. Way.

When I couldn’t DO… I listened. Paul Wilson of Karate Cafe interviewed Iain Abernethy. My takeaway: he’s a real guy who is really passionate about martial arts.

Now… off to the gym to run… 3min jog / 2 min walk x 10. Also gonna work on kata between loads of dishes and cleaning. Want to go back to this week’s Practical Karate Weekly to read/listen to more.

One step. Any. Way. Just. Keep. Moving.

2 thoughts on “Any Way

    1. Indeed it was both of you! LOL! Listening to you two stumble over words in your excitement to communicate your passions. I find it encouraging to listen to… as someone who never ever in her wildest dreams thought she could attempt to earn a black belt in a martial art. So, thank you! for the encouragement.


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