My hairy knee. My cat. And the ice pack. Or The adventures of a nearly-mid-life shirobi continue. 

So… my knees hurting from over use and my back hurts from under use. I’m at a loss for what to do. And now, I’m staring at the two-and-a-half months remaining with a lot of panic in my gut. The choices I see are stop now and call it off or keep trying. Might as well keep going I figure. Worst that can happen is that I get that last brown belt instead.  Right?

Running for aerobic exercise is right out. The elliptical thingy at the gym is doable but only for short duration, medium intensity workouts. Oh and ice! Lots. Of ice. So that’s what I did yesterday. Along with some upper body and core work with weights. 

Today I’m working on videoing all the things I need to do on the test. Starting with katas. It isn’t pretty but it is where I am and I need to see it.

If you’re curious: Fukyugatas.  Pinans plus (still uploading). 

Now out to bear creek for a ride!

What Can I Do

Screenshot 2016-01-12 at 2.59.46 PMNot feeling too witty today. Life has been busy. Full. I am distracted.

Knees are my current bodily discombobulation. Or rather knee, singular. Was just starting to feel stronger from the aerobic and strength training. And then full stop. No catastrophic happening. Right knee is very painful. Not sure what to do other than apply ice. Finding it hard to focus on what I can do because there seems to be much I cannot but really need to do.

So. Do what I can? Keep walk/run sequence at the 3/2min level? If knee allows. Keep practicing simple and often? Ice in between?