A Rare Shot

Of me in the dojo!

Like the improvements to my gi? Courtesy of my dojo mate who likes to grapple. Hair-do courtesy sparring headgear.

Have been hitting it pretty hard this week! Have the bruises to prove it. : D Gonna have to wear my bruises shirt lots!

Monday & Tuesday: Lots of tandem kumite practice. Ugh. And ouch. All the katas. Every. Day. Self defense drills. Impossible scenario drills that have my neck muscles totally tweaked.

Up today: All the katas. Self Defense drills. Core work. Lather. Rinse. Repeat.


 My hairy knee. My cat. And the ice pack. Or The adventures of a nearly-mid-life shirobi continue. 

So… my knees hurting from over use and my back hurts from under use. I’m at a loss for what to do. And now, I’m staring at the two-and-a-half months remaining with a lot of panic in my gut. The choices I see are stop now and call it off or keep trying. Might as well keep going I figure. Worst that can happen is that I get that last brown belt instead.  Right?

Running for aerobic exercise is right out. The elliptical thingy at the gym is doable but only for short duration, medium intensity workouts. Oh and ice! Lots. Of ice. So that’s what I did yesterday. Along with some upper body and core work with weights. 

Today I’m working on videoing all the things I need to do on the test. Starting with katas. It isn’t pretty but it is where I am and I need to see it.

If you’re curious: Fukyugatas.  Pinans plus (still uploading). 

Now out to bear creek for a ride!

What Can I Do

Screenshot 2016-01-12 at 2.59.46 PMNot feeling too witty today. Life has been busy. Full. I am distracted.

Knees are my current bodily discombobulation. Or rather knee, singular. Was just starting to feel stronger from the aerobic and strength training. And then full stop. No catastrophic happening. Right knee is very painful. Not sure what to do other than apply ice. Finding it hard to focus on what I can do because there seems to be much I cannot but really need to do.

So. Do what I can? Keep walk/run sequence at the 3/2min level? If knee allows. Keep practicing simple and often? Ice in between?


Any Way

How to you train through the  holidays? Any way. You. Can. 😉 When your body wants to fall apart? Same.


The good: foot is better. The bad: back is taking a turn now. Missed Monday’s workout because of it. Ran Tues anyway. Ran stairs and did strength training at the gym Wednesday. Pic is from the top of garagezilla downtown. We even got a smidge of snow.

Any. Way.

When I couldn’t DO… I listened. Paul Wilson of Karate Cafe interviewed Iain Abernethy. My takeaway: he’s a real guy who is really passionate about martial arts.

Now… off to the gym to run… 3min jog / 2 min walk x 10. Also gonna work on kata between loads of dishes and cleaning. Want to go back to this week’s Practical Karate Weekly to read/listen to more.

One step. Any. Way. Just. Keep. Moving.

Still. Not still.

IMG_1553Still training. Not sitting still. Last week went really well with aerobic and strength training. Now that the big portrait commission is done (whew!) I can refocus on training for the test in April.

Sun, Tues & Thurs last week I ran at the gym. About an hour each time but alternating jog & walk according to the 10k training app. I’m to the half-n-half point and starting to feel it in my lungs. Mon, Wed & Fri at the gym again but doing strength training.

Mon was the only karate class I made it to. We worked on cat stances and “little” things that make you hugely sore the next day. Chose to go to the gym on Tues. Felt like I wasn’t going to be able leave my crappy mood outside the dojo so I ran it out on the indoor track. I know I can’t do that often but it sure did help.

No aha! moments to report. Am feeling a growing sense of anxiety as the test date gets closer. Only remedy I know of is… more training. 😉



Learn how… then right

I’m sensing a theme in my karate practice: Learn how to do it, then learn how to do it right. I’ve spent 5 years learning to do karate and now I’m prolly gonna spend the next 30 learning to do it right. O.o Or at least I hope to spend that long, eh? 😉

Warning… rambles ahead.

In Tuesday’s class we practiced the open-closed fist drill either moving (with opponent who worked on blocking) or against the heavy bag. Realized that I’ve been doing the elbow smash all wrong ALL this time. So worked that with the bag and holey-moley can I feel the difference this morning. My shoulders are shot!

Monday’s class was interesting. 5 of us. First person picked a kata, did it. Then everyone else individually did that kata. Quick critique at the end of the round. Repeat with each person leading in turn.

Why am I still so nervous when everyone is watching me do kata?!!! Gah!

Really getting frustrated with my aerobic plan. Well, more with how my old body has to say about it. Whatever I did to my foot last week, I redid yesterday. Poop. I can’t do nothing ‘cuz that causes just as many problems (and pain). Soooo…. Gonna have to do something other than jog for a while I think. Mebbe stationary bike or row machine at the gym. I’d swim but there’s the whole suit issue… erm… issues. I’ll find the time to make one… eventually.

New Karate Weekly is out. Found this video on it. Interesting to think of a low block as a throw. And this video of Jion Bunkai looks interesting too. We’ve talked about the low block as throw concept in class before too. And I’d rather throw with it than block a kick with it!! Tried once… fractured a finger. Think I’ll work with Sam on what those two videos demonstrate. Then do some easy kata repeats to workout yesterday’s kinks.

Oh. And I need one of the tshirts that Mr. Abernethy is wearing. 😉 “Ask me about my bruises” Hehe.

Today’s another allergy shot so I will read more of the KfD book while I’m there.



What to do when you can’t DO

Couldn’t do karate in the allergist’s waiting room so I read it. 😉

Wednesday. Did a little slow no pause kata work with DD. Pinan Shodan. Working on those new things I learned Monday.

My foot was sharply painful and frequent ice packs seemed to help so the rest of my “training” didn’t utilize my feet… situps, knee pushups and reading. No, no stair workout.

I watched this video on the reality of attacks. Interesting stuff. The self defense drill demonstrated is very like what we’ve done in class for a lapel grab. This guy is also an EMT nurse. His experience in dealing with the effects of an attack was helpful to know. Will likely watch again.

Today (Thursday) foot is painful in general and less sharp pain. I think this is good. ? Might try a jog later. Maybe.

One last thing… That video above was found on this week’s edition of  Practical Karate Weekly. Just started following it. Haven’t read the other articles it links to yet.

Train Wreck

shadow ninjaor how my weekend didn’t go.

I had plans for workouts over the weekend but for the most part they didn’t happen.

Did ride down Bear Creek with DD and while she looked for critters in the creek I did katas on the rocks. That was interesting.

Monday I made it to stairs in the morning and class in the evening. During class we played with a self defense idea I saw in a video. Seems pretty simple and doable but I need to practice it more.

At the end of class, we katas back to back as high as I could remember. I have been working on that once a week and it definitely helped. Must keep up with it.

Gonna keep rolling with  the week. Need a shirt (or coffee mug) that says… “life is what happens while you’re training for shodan” 😉 Fingers crossed no more appliances or vehicles will malfunction!

Plan vs Reality

MatildaWednesday Plan:

  • strength training stability ball: core
  • Cardio: 30 min jogging
  • Skills: ananku; loose hand punching bag

vs Reality:

That’s a picture of me on the right. Doing. Nothing karate related. Gonna have to do something different on Wednesdays.

Thursday went as planned: 30 min bike ride, Ananku, knuckle pushups as best I could. Class was challenging mentally. Worked on knife hand strikes doing them a little differently. It had me feeling all thumbs and no clue. But in a good way. If that makes any kind of sense. IOW, I knew I was being challenged and was calm enough (just) to realize that is good. 😉

Friday was busy with other life things. But at least I had planned not to get any karate done. O.o