Pushing Through the Fog

Stairs!Stairs (pictured). And class. Both went well. That is to say. I went to both. ūüėČ My day between was crazy¬†busy with moving paintings from one exhibit¬†to another. Thankfully that only happens¬†once a quarter!

During class we worked on basics. Advise from Sensei was to begin making the karate moves my own. (move less roboticly more fluidly) Less like I’m copying a move, etc. Tried playing with tension in my legs and lower body between repeats. Not sure if it got me anything other than sore lets. LOL!

Also, worked with an adult white belt one-on-one at the end of class and I came to a realization. Her off square shoulders were largely symptom of improper foot placement. Having her work on her foot placement had better results than reminding her to square her shoulders. How many times has a Sensei reminded me of the importance of foot placement?!! Yeah. Lots.

I am¬†not¬†nearly as tired¬†as I was last week. But as I sit here on Tuesday to write this I am fighting the urge to sit. And stare. But this is part of it. Isn’t it. Pushing past the urge to stop. The discipline to keep going.

Think I’ll work on Ananku after helping DD with math.

And then it was Friday

And I didn’t find time to post this…

Wednesday I was nearly non-functional. Ended up taking a nap in the afternoon. That helped but shot any plans at a workout.

Thursday got crazy busy but at least there was class… which was similar to Tuesday’s. But in this case it helped ease the soreness.

And now here it is Friday which I had originally planned as an off because it is a busy day for us. But that was before the reality of Wednesday hit… So I’m floundering trying to decide what to do… through a sinus headache. Smh.

I think I’ll go for a jog at Bear Creek before getting groceries. Tomorrow is the dojo campout!

I. Am. Sore.

A.K.A. First Week. Day Two. Stairs are not my friend

The Plan

      • Cardio: C10K; 30min bike
      • Strength Training: Ball Core: 2? sets:
        1. vpass 10r
        2. roll out 10r
        3. single leg press 12r
        4. plank shoulder taps 26r
      • Skills
        1. Naihanchi Sandan bunkai
        2. Class

What I actually did:

Alarm clock didn’t go off so I didn’t get to the gym. Which meant breakfast did not go as planned too. Fell back on the waffles. ūüėČ Enjoyed the 30 minute bike ride with J but had to go back for my front tire (left it in the parking lot. Doh!)

Only one set with the stability ball. Need to change the reps on vpass and roll out. Down on the first and up on the second. Didn’t get to naihanchi bunkai but I did get to class.

Class was intense. I am gonna hurt (more) tomorrow. Picked up a couple training ideas that work on control: 1. in jigotai round house kick turning round to spinning back hook kick (sounds great but doing it great is another matter. O.o ). 2. bag work: loose hand punches working on speed and extension.

First Week. Day One

The Plan:

  • Make ahead breakfast: double batch waffles
  • Cardio: Stair work out
  • Focus Kata: Naihanchi Sandan
  • Study History Decks
  • Monday Class

Made the waffles on Sunday to have them ready for breakfast today.¬†I usually make them as we need them but I’m going to be doing more make-ahead things to free up my morning for training.

Made it to stairs! Usually Bob drives so¬†all I have to do is get dressed and fall into the car. But he was out of town so I had to … gasp… drive myself there.

Focus Kata: Naihanchi Sandan. Working to improve recall. Did the kata anytime I thought of it today. ~ 10 times I think. As soon as Sam showed me the kata, I remembered it.

History Decks: Vocabulary & History

Class: Made it! New adult student too!! Basics. Worked on tension in my legs and relaxing arms.

How am I feeling?

Sore! Exhausted! Fighting the its-not-enough panic. Breathing through it.

Random thoughts:

At the last tournament two very high ranking black belts gave me the following advice. This is not word for word…

  • It is your job to educate your audience as to what you are doing. Be sure you communicate that information.
  • Recoil as fast as you fire.

One of them also mentioned that he would like to be at my shodan test. When I said that I’d be honored he replied “Oh, you won’t like it,” with a grin. O.O He also advised me to know my history.

Knuckle pushups: hate ’em. Should practice ’em anyhoo. Cuz if I don’t, they’ll ask.

Kobudo: (or weapons) Don’t hate it but same reason as above I should practice it too.

Should have name this site “Panic Among the Pines” ; )


My name is Hope Martin.
My style is Matsubayashi Ryu Shorin Ryu Okinawan Karate Do.
My shodan test is April, 21st, 2016.

And I am terrified. Okay. Maybe that is too strong a word. Extremely worried? Again not exactly right but maybe it will do.

Those I’ve talked to¬†it say this test is grueling. Four or more hours long, it is intense workout followed by intense verbal examination followed by intense self-defense type sparring and will leave you wishing for a quick death. No, not really. But kinda.

They were all much younger for their tests than I am.¬†I was about 42 when I started karate. I’ll be 47 for my shodan test. So there’s a smidge¬†of a push to pass this milestone before I get too much older (and break-y-er). I’m still recovering from a knee injury earned during my nikyu (middle brown belt) test three months ago. And the fractured finger from a class before that. And…

So why do this? For now I’ll just say that I’ve just decided it is the right thing for me to do. I’ll save the reasons for a later¬†post.

This journey will be documented here… planning… execution…¬†to keep the panic to a minimum. Yeah. Panic. That’s the word I was looking for.

If you’re reading this (It means I had the courage to hit publish!) don’t expect long and thoughtful articles. No time (or ability) for that.¬† Do expect to read about what I planned and then actually did. What I learned along the way. And eventually… the outcome!

I am hoping that¬†another¬†“executive senior” kyu rank¬†will find all this helpful. If only because I’ll feel a little less crazy. ūüėČ

Leave a cheerful comment if you feel so inclined. Words of wisdom. Stuff like that.